About Dj Miks

Real Name: Mikeal Arthurton

Started Dj-ing: 2006

Member of WarDadli Since: 2013

Hometown: Antigua

Musical Influences: Dj Quixx, Private Ryan, Jazzy Jeff, Dj Clue, Shot Master J

Memorable Events: “Blackout” (Halifax, Canada), Jamzone (Rick Ross Concert),
King of the Vibes 2014

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Dj Miks Bio

Dj Miks is member of WarDadli SoulJahs team! Famous for his performances at Road House Big People Party, Insane Carnival, Ana’s Restaurant and various parties and fetes islandwide!! In 2013 Dj Miks joined WarDadli SoulJahs as one of their main DJ’s.

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