About Dj Altitude

Real Name: Adrian Hurst

Started Dj-ing: 2005

Member of WarDadli Since: 2012

Hometown: Antigua

Musical Influences: My mother, Dj Nez, DJ Stulla, G and Dangerous from WarDadli SoulJahs, since I was little and they used to give me cds for my birthday

Memorable Events: Margaritas, BBAC every year since 2012, Thirsty Thursdays at the Yard

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Dj Altitude Bio

Like most young men at that age, Adrian “DJ Altitude” Hurst began mixing when he was in 3rd form (8th grade). He got started with Atomix but soon graduated to more professional software with the help of one of Antigua’s most preeminent DJs, DJ Nez. It was Nez who gave Adrian the moniker Altitude, a clear reference to his 6′ 6″ frame.

Music has always been a part of Altitude’s life. “It started when I was small, mom used to have choir parties all the time and the music was one thing I always enjoyed,” he says. As a born-and-bred Caribbean man, Altitude loves his Soca and Dancehall, even though Hip-Hop is his favourite genre. He is a versatile DJ and will mix anything from Pop to House music, and everything in-between.

With the personal motto of “work hard, play hard” Altitude promises, “it doesnt matter what type of party it is, Altitude gonna make the session hype!”

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