About Dj Virus

Real Name: Omari Anthony

Started Dj-ing: 2008

Member of WarDadli Since: 2014

Hometown: Liberta, Antigua

Musical Influences: Scratch Bastid, DJ Angelo (UK), Martin Garrix, Diplo, Quixx, Private Ryan

Memorable Events: Myst Carnival 2013-2015, NMI’s Nocturnal NYE 2014
UP 2 on board DBoat, Project: Sync’s Experiments Rave & Neon 2012-2015,
Tek Dis Till Summa 2013-2016, Margaritas 2016

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Dj Virus Bio

Dj Virus was born in Boston, USA, but was raised in Antigua by lovers of music. His move to Antigua opened him up to a world of possibilities as it relates to music.

In 2007, DJ Virus began to dabble with mixing software programs, but his disc jockeying career took off in 2008 after he was asked to play at numerous school parties. He credits his initial interest in disc jockeying to inspiration from local professionals, DJ Quixx and DJ Romeo.

As with anything practice makes perfect and the truth of this is seen through Virus’ growth throughout the years. He has since graduated from school parties to playing at various parties and fetes island wide. DJ Virus is particularly proud of his partnership with local heavy hitting entertainment organizations, WarDadli SoulJahs, Project Sync and Myst Carnival. He is immensely grateful that he has had the opportunity to work alongside these prestigious organizations to give back to the entertainment industry in Antigua.

DJ Virus is keen on Soca and Dancehall, however, he appreciates all genres of music. His versatility allows him the ability to satisfy every type of crowd he has to play for.

Virus believes that disc jockeying is an art and he firmly believes that “art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” (Thomas Merton). Thus, he intends to create an atmosphere within which his audience is able to lose themselves in the music.

Disc Jockey Virus strives to infect the masses with his versatility and endeavours to share his love of music with all who are within bounds (earshot) of his playing. He has no intentions to stop short of his goal to be great.

In 2014 Dj Virus joined the WarDadli SoulJahs team as one of their main djs.

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