About Selecta G

Real Name: Gamal Goodwin

Started Dj-ing: 2001

Member of WarDadli Since: 2001

Hometown: Gambles, Antigua

Musical Influences: Big brother Shaka aka Dangerous, My father George, Stonelove, Bass Oddysey, Black Chiney

Memorable Events: Too numerous to mention

Selecta G Bio

One of the two brothers from Antigua who decided one day that with their collection of tunes and knowledge of music (reggae music in particular) they would build a sound system and try and educate others of the reggae music and push the music further. This Sound system would come to be known as WarDadli SoulJahs

WarDadli comes from the fact the sound is from Antigua also called Wadadli since the sound was building to be a clash sound, war was incorporated and it was called WarDadli.

SoulJahs in its unique spelling comes from the fact that the sound is fighting for Antigua, and they have Jah in their souls thus SoulJah.

The main members on the sound are Dangerous the main MC for the sound and part-owner, DJ G his brother is the other owner and main selector of the sound.

Through their website (www.wardadli.com), mixed CDs and appearances on big shows & dances, WarDadli in a few years went from a bedroom sound to a serious sound system in the business.

WarDadli SoulJahs wishes to thank all the fans that have supported us and helped us to reach to this point; we will keep going further and will never stop once we have your support.

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